Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Instagram Rolls out Live Trends: Competition for Twitter

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Instagram is rolling out a new feature for to make finding trends easier for its users. Today, in a blog post from the company, Instagram declared that users will now be able to "See the World as it Happens". Might sound familiar. Social Media is becoming more and more about the live event. What was once Twitter's advantage, is now everyone's ballgame, both Instagram and Snapchat have been updating their products consistently to advance the real time activity of their app. And, if you thought hashtags were exclusive to Twitter, you'd be wrong. Check out the front page of this feature on #Instagram. This goes to show, once again, that there is nothing distinctive about Twitter that cannot be quickly adopted by other services. Right now, the biggest draw to using Twitter is to find out about ongoing events, live action events. Users also follow celeberties and news anchors accounts to get updates, however more and more of those users are moving towards Snapchat and Instagram instead of Twitter. If Instagram and Snapchat continue to move onto that turf, Twitter (with it's CEO on the way out) could find itself battling to stay relevant in this fast paced duel of social media giants. 

Personally, give me a reason to go check my Twitter feed or search a trend when I'm already on Instagram or Snapchat. Just the other day I noticed (thanks to Instagram's fantastic prediction algorithm of what I might like) the Wall Street Journal had started two Instagram accounts. I now follow both. And I haven't checked Twitter in quite a while now....

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