Monday, March 17, 2014

Eating Lunch in Florence, Pino's

Pino's. It's a name that almost every American student in Florence knows. However, this place has it all whether or not your a one time visitor or a local. Don't be intimidated or turned away by the presumable line of 20 something Americans. As a student on a budget, in a city bubbling with tourist traps, it's easy to get caught overpaying for an underperforming meal. Not at Pino's. This panini place near the famous Santa Croce Church is a lunch spot that I highly recommend. In between our classes, the line would funnel out onto the sidewalk, as Pino whisked away at the deli slicer just a few feet inside, grin on his face. He makes sure to greet every customer with a smile and a hello, and it's not hard to imagine that this man genuinely enjoys making great tasting sandwiches for a living.A family run establishment, Pino has the help of his wife and daughter to quickly turn the line out the door into a line of panini eating students at crowded tables. True to the Italian spirit, it's the little things in life, and a great tasting panini can go a long way.

The deli meats and bread are fresh and there is every kind of meat you can think of. One of my favorites was to get some spicy salami coupled with pecorino or goat cheese plus just the right amount of spicy sauce. Of course there is something there for everyone. Cold feet? Grab the menu filled with examples and suggestions from Pino himself. The panini's are then grilled once Pino is done putting his finishing touches your sandwich, so if you'd rather it cold (I don't recommend it) just make sure to ask him in advance.

Although this place is not the most genuine, authentic Florentine panini place, it still is a must visit lunch sport. For under five Euro, you can enjoy a freshly made panini, choosing from a menu of Pino's favorites or customizing it yourself upon order. However, there is another menu option that allows you to get a plate of pasta for the same price, ask for extra red sauce and a little bread to go with it and you've got yourself a well priced pasta lunch instead.

Ordering tip: ask Pino about his famous inferno sauce, he really enjoys a customers reaction to his spicy magical blend. One time he even came to the back of the restaurant check on us and make sure we were satisfied with it.

Pino with that everlasting smile hard at work.

Some of the sauces you can add (sun-dried tomatoes, spicy sauce etc)

Grabbed a goodbye picture with Pino before heading back to the States for good.

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